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AP Human Geography
Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year!


To get on the text reminder list:

Text this:  @mrsybar
to this number:  469-502-7571

Weekly Plan

Submission Forms

Chapter 10 Questions

Chapter 10 Vocabulary

Chapter 9 Vocabulary

Chapter 9 Day 5

Chapter 9 Day 4

Chapter 9 Day 3

Chapter 9 Day 2

Chapter 9 Day 1

Chapter 8 Vocabulary

Chapter 8 Day 4

Chapter 8 Day 3

Chapter 8 Day 2

Group Assignment 1 - Nationalism

Chapter 8 Day 1

Chapter 7 Review Sheet

Chapter 7 Vocabulary (submission form)

Religious Landscape Assignment (submission form)

Religious Diffusion Assignment (submission form)

  • All assignments that are submitted through the Google Drive need to be placed into your shared folder.
  • Then you need to have the assignment file open to copy the url of that page.
  • Then go to the correct submission form from the developing list below and enter the required information into the fields provided.  There is a field to paste the url of your assignment.
  • Hit send and it will be routed to a spreadsheet of those assignments turned in.
  • * new finding - you need to make sure that your shared setting is allowing anyone with a link to view, because you are sending me a link with that URL.  If you have the setting as private, I will need to send a request to you for permission.  That defeats the purpose of this system!

Summer Reading and Recommended Reading List

Summer Reading Assignment:

1.  Funny in Farsi, by Firoozeh Dumas.  

  • Identify culture related themes such as language issues, personal identity, political views, religious ideas.
  • There will be a summative assessment after the first week back to check that the student has read the book.  However, there will be classroom discussion on day 1 as to what that will look like and how ensure success.  The first step is to read the book before the first day of school.  The rest will flow naturally. 

 2.  To help geographic literacy over the summer and to encourage students to read about current world events, you must bring in three current events that occurred outside the United States.


  • Must select and attach copy of one event from June, one from July and one from August
  • Must hit  a variety of topics; possible topics below
    • physical geography (volcanoes, earthquakes etc.) 
    • political relationships between countries
    • economic changes within or relationships between countries
    • ethnic conflict
    • religious conflict
    • man impacting his environment
    • man adapting to his environment
    • issues surrounding languages
    • Must prepare a reaction to each article matching the following requirements:
      • first paragraph
        • Include the name of the news source and title of article and where it takes place
        • Reason for choosing the article…
        • Overview of the main idea
  • Body paragraph
    • Paraphrase the issue
    • relevance
    • explain your surprise, shock, anger, sadness, insight, related understanding


Student Recommendations for Geography Related Pleasure Reading:

What is the What by David Eggers
My Ismael by Daniel Quinn
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown
The IRA by Tim Pat Coogan

Teacher Recommendations specifically for AP:

AP Human Geography REA Test Prep
Don't Know Much About Geography;
Everything you need to know about the world but never learned
by Kenneth C. Davis
Krakatoa by Simon Winchester
Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond
The Riddle of the Compass by Amir D. Aczel

Outside Sources of Study Materials

Useful Outside Links

AP Registration and Study Site

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