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AP Human Geography
Summer Reading


May-June 2014


Dear Incoming AP Human Geography Parents and Students:


I am excited to welcome a new group of students into the AP Human Geography program for the 2014-2015 school year.  Advanced Placement Geography requires students to apply application of learned concepts to the world around them.  Awareness of current affairs is essential to success in this course.  Therefore, to build a foundation for class discussion upon return in the fall, students are encouraged to begin the journal that they will maintain throughout the upcoming school year.   Once the school year starts, students will be required to keep their journals in a shared folder on the school assigned Google Drive.   Students are also encouraged to start their journaling this summer on the Google Drive by creating a folder for AP Human Geography or by keeping a spiral journal with news articles and internet sources pasted into the spiral next to corresponding reflections.


AP Human Geography Journal Requirements:

The student…

  • Must select and attach copies of articles concerning world events. 
    • Include two from June, two from July and one from August
  • Must cover  a variety of topics
    • physical geography (volcanoes, earthquakes etc.) 
    • political relationships between countries
    • economic changes within or relationships between countries
    • ethnic conflict
    • religious conflict
    • man impacting his environment
    • man adapting to his environment
    • issues surrounding languages
  • Must prepare a reaction to each article matching the following requirements:
    • first paragraph
      • Provide the name of the news source and title of article and where it takes place
      • Explain your personal reason for choosing the article.
      • Overview the main idea as a transition to the second paragraph.
    • second paragraph
      • Paraphrase the issue.
      • Explain its relevance (why it’s important to everyone).
      • Evaluate the situation by sharing your surprise, shock, anger, sadness, insight, related understanding of the issue.

A recommended read during the school year to accompany textbook is a book called “Why Geography matters; MORE THAN EVER” by Harm de Blij   ISBN978-0-19-991374-9


A recommended purchase over winter break is any AP Human Geography test prep booklet.


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