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2014 October News -Red Ribbon Week Themes
RED RIBBON WEEK-Coming Soon to a School Near You



TIGER TRAIT: RESPONSIBILITY “Be accountable for your actions”: During this month teachers will continue reinforcing responsible behavior. Care class lessons will focus on responsibility with health and safety on recognizing and avoiding tricky people, preparing us for National Red Ribbon Week. PreK-K will have a power point presentation starring Yello Dyno (a puppet). First Graders all watch a Stranger Safety dvd starring Safe-Side Super Chick.
Second graders will watch an internet safety dvd  also starring Safe-Side Super Chick. Upper grades will have lessons on drug awareness (3rd-tobacco, 4th-alcohol and 5th-marijuana and inhalants.)

Drug Education is part of the Health TEKS for grades K-5. Schools across the nation will celebrate Safe and Drug Free Schools “National Red Ribbon Week” at the end of the month. Our campus will celebrate National Red Ribbon Week from October 20-24.  Hays Caldwell Council will provide all students with a special red ribbon in honor of The National Red Ribbon Campaign. During this week we’ll celebrate in a variety of ways including wearing fun clothes to coordinate with a daily theme. Please discuss safety and health topics at home with your children. Although exposure in your home may be minimal, it’s never too soon to talk about topics such as: helpful medicines, harmful drugs, resolving conflicts, and gun safety. The most common harmful drugs to acknowledge at the elementary age are called gateway drugs. They are those that are legal for adults and often accessible in the home thus giving potential to “opening the gate” down the road to illegal drugs. They include alcohol, tobacco, and inhalants (ie: cleaning sprays, liquid paper, etc.). Although it is illegal in Texas, marijuana is also an important drug to talk with our students about due to it's high level of accessibility. Talking with kids about drugs does not encourage them to try them. It provides gentle awareness and prevention.

Here are some websites that may interest you:

http://www.nfp.org/redribbon.htm (National Family Partnership)

http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/rules/tac/chapter115/ch115a.html (Elementary Health TEKS)


http://yellodyno.com (Safety and Abduction Prevention)

http://thesafeside.com (Internet and Stranger Safety)

http://www.dsisd.txed.net/index.aspx?nid=799 (My webpage! Scroll down to the main page to see helpful links, including community and tutoring resources)

* Here’s what’s happening on our campus regarding dress up themes.  


October 20-24, 2014


“Love Yourself. Be Drug Free!”
(National Red Ribbon Theme)

  • Wear Hearts or Red.
  • Drug awareness banners placed around campus.
  • Students receive a red ribbon. 
  • Special Assembly provided by our PTA!


“Cowboy Up and Say NO to dangerous drugs!!”

Wear western clothes!
(If you wear boots bring back up shoes for PE.)


“I’m a Drug-Free “Jean-ius!”

Wear your favorite jeans.


“Can’t Hide Tiger Pride!”
Wear Camo clothes or DS Tiger Spirit clothes!

Students receive a Red Ribbon Week spirit stick!


“Use your head to make wise choices!”

Crazy Hair Day! Be Creative! 

I will add samples of our daily announcements to the link off of this subpage as we get closer to the 20th. Our 5th grade student leaders will help me read them each day. The announcements will give you a sample of how we address these themes.

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