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Eye on Enigmas ~ An Investigative Webquest

What is an enigma?


Enigma's are naturally occurring, unexplainable, and often unsolved, mysteries.  Some have solutions; others are yet to be solved. Some so-called solutions remain unproven. 


Scientists from different branches of science have tried over the years to explain these natural occurrences.  During this webquest, you will become an enigma detective and investigate one of the world's most baffling enigmas. Scientists and historians from all over the world question the reasons for or existence of such things as the Lost City of Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, Machu Picchu, or the Lines of Nazca.  It is your task to help them out!   

Your Task


You will research independently one of the world's most mystifying enigmas.  Your discoveries will follow the scientific process and be reported in the form of a written document, Power Point, etc., which you will compile, analyze, discuss, and apply towards a creative project. Your discoveries and creative project will be presented to the class along with your recommended solution to the enigma.

The Process 

1.   First choose an enigma to investigate.

2.   Develop specific and detailed guiding questions to explore while conducting research.  These questions should lead you to form research-based opinions. 

3.   Develop a hypothesis, creating your own theory of the cause of the enigma and identify a way to test the theory.

4.    Conduct your research and take notes. 

5.   Test your hypothesis and consider where or not you need to revise the hypothesis based on your results.

6.   Organize and write your notes into a report using Microsoft Word or Power Point. 

7.   Draw conclusions and recommend solutions to the theorist’s questions as well as your guiding questions. 

8.   Choose and complete a creative project.

9.   Plan a way to present your enigma project to the class and present.


Other cool enigmas you might want to investigate:

Lost City of Atlantis

Bermuda Triangle

Lines of Nazca


Machu Picchu

Mayan Civilization

Black Holes


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